La Mata

La Mata is a small seaside town that borders Torrevieja to the north. Due to their residential areas practically blending into each other, La Mata is often considered a satellite suburb of Torrevieja. However, proud residents of the town will refute this claim. La Mata makes for a pleasant day out from the bustling city streets of Torrevieja. Those who enjoy a vigorous hike can make the journey on foot. Depending on your stride, this takes less than an hour and much of the walk can be enjoyed along the coastal path. By car the journey is less than 10 minutes.

La Mata Town

It is quite a sleepy but affluent town, with one main street through the centre and a fantastic beach. Surrounding the town, much of the residential areas enjoy an elevated position with lovely views out to sea. There are some beautiful properties, many of them owned by expats from northern Europe and Scandinavia. Within the town centre is a lively plaza and scattering of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There is also a small green park with sports facilities and petanca courts. On the outskirts of town hiking trails make their way through the sand dunes.

La Mata Beach

La Mata boasts a wonderful long stretch of golden sand beach that loses itself in the dunes to the north. The southern end, Cabo Cervera starts at a rocky headland favoured by fishermen. Along this stretch of beach is a selection of beach bars and restaurants including the upmarket La Fusión Restaurante & Music Club. The beach continues past Parque del Molino del Agua.

This is a large natural park where you will find the quirky Queen Mississippi Restaurant shaped like an old paddle wheel steam boat. After the park the beach is backed by a wooden promenade in front of the town centre. This is where you will find the largest concentration of bars and restaurants. The beach offers great facilities and numerous wind and water sports.

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