Cheap Seafood

Cheap seafood is a big draw for many visitors to Torrevieja. Being a coastal city and once a traditional fishing village, fish and seafood play a large part in the locals diet. Cheap seafood features highly on many of Torrevieja’s restaurant menus. From the humble sardine to extravagant lobster, the city has it all. Tender calamari on a fresh mini roll at the popular 100 Montaditos Restaurant costs just 1€. In the case of some of the more traditional tapas bars, tasty little bites of fish or seafood on a bit of bread are often served free with your drink order.

Cheap Seafood In Torrevieja

The restaurants in the popular tourist areas and especially along the beach front can be pretty expensive when ordering seafood. A small lobster averages more than 40€ on most menus. Be bold, venture away from the beach, even just a block or two and you will find some real gems. These may be not as elaborate and without the sea view, but you have your whole holiday to look at the sea. Many of the tapas bars feature a small drink and tapa at great prices. These include a cana (small beer) and plate of calamari for 3€, or 10 prawns and 2 canas for 5€.

Cheap Seafood From The Markets

Commonly known as the fish market, Mercado Central La Plasa is an indoor market in Torrevieja specialising in fresh fish and seafood. Although there is many other excellent produce on offer, the variety of fish and shellfish is fantastic and reasonably priced. Buying cheap seafood from the market is perfect for a BBQ on the beach. If you don’t fancy cooking there is a very popular stall called La Mar Sala. This offers a great range of home cooked seafood that can be eaten cold or simply heated up. Their freshly made paellas are legendary. Torrevieja’s large Friday Market is also a great place to pick up bargains on fresh produce.