Torrevieja Scuba Diving

Holidaymakers to the sunny coastal city of Torrevieja can enjoy a wide range of excellent activities, attractions and fun days out. With its wonderful weather and pristine beaches, Torrevieja caters for all types of water sports and boasts many great sporting facilities. There are sports complexes like the huge Sports City and many smaller sports centres. The beach and harbour areas offer visitors all kinds of water based adventures such as sailing, kayaking, deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

One of the most popular water activities in Torrevieja, and indeed throughout the world, is scuba diving. Since man first descended below the waves in a crude diving suit and huge brass diving helmet, our fascination with the underwater world has never ceased; with their silent beauty and kaleidoscope of colourful fish and coral, the oceans will always remain a mystical wonder. The beautiful coastline of the Costa Blanca offers areas with crystal clear water and is home to several National parks and marine conservation areas where the protected reefs and marine life have been allowed to grow and develop unhindered by commercial fishing and poaching. One such area that lies just off the coast of Torrevieja is Tabarca Island, that was declared a protected marine reserve and bird sanctuary in 1986 and offers excellent snorkelling and scuba diving conditions.

There are several dive shops in Torrevieja offering a wide range of PADI certified diving courses from beginner through to Divemaster. There is also diving equipment for hire, although you will have to provide proof of your accredited diving qualifications. Diving trips can be arranged to a variety of fascinating dive sites including all equipment and boat hire. Most dive shops sell basic to advanced diving and snorkelling gear and some have a range of spear fishing gear and dive knives.


Swimming in Torrevieja is one of the main activities enjoyed by most when on a summer holiday, and the city and its surrounding areas offer plenty of opportunities for swimming and fun in the sun.