Sea Fishing in Torrevieja

Torrevieja started life as a small fishing village, and its close affinity with the sea remains to this day. There are still fleets of fishing boats supplying the ever increasing demand from the city’s markets and restaurants. Not all of us are anglers and for those who prefer to buy their fish, Torrevieja has an indoor market called Mercado Central La Plasa that is open daily and specialises in wonderfully fresh fish and seafood.

Sea fishing in Torrevieja can be somewhat of a problem for visiting anglers who are here for just a short period, as a licence is required for both boat and shore fishing. There are no short term fishing licences available in the province, with most being valid from between 1-3 years, a bit costly if it’s only a few days fishing you’re after. Many shore anglers fish far from the busy beach areas where they take a chance fishing without a licence, but for foreigners here on holiday this is risky and if caught by the authorities can end in a lot of red tape and hefty fines. That said, a yearly shore licence is no more than 20€ and if you can tackle the language barrier quite easily attained.

The other option, for the more serious anglers or those with a healthy budget, is to charter a deep sea fishing boat or go as an individual angler with an existing charter that needs to make up the numbers. From Torrevieja’s harbour area there are also various combined fishing and snorkelling trips to be found. These are less of a serious affair, need no licence as the boat will already have one, and are a lot less costly than chartering an entire boat. The down side is they are not really geared for deep sea and more for casual fishing whilst other passengers enjoy snorkelling the reefs and coves.