Torrevieja Bars

Torrevieja has a lot of choice in bars and nightclubs. You can find Torrevieja bars to suit every taste, family bars are well catered for and children are very welcome in most establishments. While we are trying to arrange bars along a “type of establishment” basis to give you an overview to start from when picking what venues to check out, it should be noted that as an example you can go to an Irish Bar that one night is hosting a rock band, the next night has karaoke and is showing the football during the day. Now we are not going to be able to visit every one of the Torrevieja bars and surrounding areas, our livers wouldn’t thank us if we did 😉 So we rely on Venue Owners, Customers and Entertainers playing at venues to let us know if something is going on that should be listed on the website, we won’t get it right every time but it’s better than having information all over the place that you probably wouldn’t have seen if you never visited this website.