Beach Bars

With Torrevieja’s fantastic weather and miles of golden sand beaches, there are hundreds of bars and beach bars catering to the city’s hoards of thirsty holidaymakers and residents alike, and for those that are just too relaxed to go far, there are a selection of great beach bars to enjoy. These come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny thatched shacks to large bar/restaurants offering live entertainment and good food.

Beach Bars
Source: Flickr / Les Haines

One of the most popular beach bars that features excellent live bands is El Rincón del Tío Cali. Situated on the outskirts of the city, on the beach road that goes towards Orihuela Costa, El Rincón has a large outdoor terrace offering lovely sea views. El Rincón is also unique in the sense that it has a small attached butchery, where on busy days customers can choose their selection of meat and the staff will cook it on their large BBQ, perfect with a few beers, a great view and even better music.

Further towards Orihuela Costa, on Punta Prima beach are another 2 smaller beach bars called Sunrise. These are also very popular, with outdoor terraces and great value beers at 1,40€ a pint. They also offer a selection of cocktails and snacks. Even smaller still are the thatched beach bars on Playa Flamenca and La Zenia beaches. These are the 2 most popular beaches in Orihuela Costa and during the summer months get extremely busy, so be prepared to pay inflated prices. That said, the bar staff are super efficient and serve some mind blowing cocktails and a selection of snacks and ice creams. The harbour and beach areas in Torrevieja city do have some beach bars but they lean more towards being restaurants with outdoor terraces and don’t have the fun atmosphere of the quaint little beach shacks.

We are classifying a bar as “Beach Bar” as one that is on the beach or you can easily walk onto the beach from it, so if it has a road and some buildings before you can see or get to the beach, then it’s not a beach bar.

Torrevieja Beach Bar owners, think your bar/pub/club should be classified under a different section (or even a new section) get in touch and let us know why and we will try and accommodate an update for you.

Tapas Bars

Tapas bars in Torrevieja can be found on practically every street corner. They have been a tradition in Spain for centuries. They originated in the villages and countryside, mainly to serve farm workers and village labourers.