Irish Bars

We are classifying a bar or pub as “Irish Bar” as one themed as such or is a non specific bar that’s either frequented mainly by Irish customers or is simply owned or operated by an ex-pat from Ireland. It will be no surprise that Irish Bars have a lot of great entertainment and good atmospheres and is why you will find loads of them and it’s not unusual for non-Irish owners to run one, yes even the Spanish but you wouldn’t know as they try to stick close to the theme and no that doesn’t mean just Guinness on Draught ;-).

Torrevieja Irish Bar owners, think your bar/pub/club should be classified under a different section (or even a new section) get in touch and let us know why and we will try and accommodate an update for you.

Gay Bars

Spain and the Costa Blanca area has many Gay Bars, and Torrevieja has a good choice also. But you wouldn’t believe that from our current list, so we will be working hard to get this section updated ASAP and if you would like to help...