Lounge Bars

Lounge Bars can be a place to relax, many of them server food from light bites to full meals, some also have live entertainment on certain nights. If your expected to eat at the venue than drink but they offer the ability to do both, then they would be placed in the restaurant section, if that’s their main business, but if food is secondary to a place, so you can go in and have a drink without eating, then they are listed here.

Torrevieja Lounge Bar owners, think your bar/pub/club should be classified under a different section (or even a new section) get in touch and let us know why and we will try and accommodate an update for you.

Irish Bars

We are classifying a bar or pub as “Irish Bar” as one themed as such or is a non specific bar that’s either frequented mainly by Irish customers or is simply owned or operated by an ex-pat from Ireland.