Spanish Bars

We are classifying a bar as a “Spanish Bar” as one themed as such  for example a Tapas Bar or if it is a non specific bar that’s frequented mainly by Spanish customers. A great chance to surround yourself with more authentic Spanish life. In the Torrevieja area while the Spanish may frequent a bar more than say the British, it doesn’t mean you’re any less welcome however if your wanting a more authentic experience of a typical Spanish bar, you could try further inland but make sure your Spanish is up to scratch 😉 It should be noted that if the bar’s main thing is to serve you food, over just walking in for a drink, then we will place them in the Food section and you’re going to see a lot of cross over like this as bars tend to sell food also.

Torrevieja Spanish Bar owners, think your bar/pub/club should be classified under a different section (or even a new section) get in touch and let us know why and we will try and accommodate an update for you.


Nightclubs in Torrevieja vary from smaller venues to pretty upmarket venues, they are enjoyed by the Spanish as much as the British and other foreigners holidaying in the area.