Tapas Bars

Tapas bars in Torrevieja can be found on practically every street corner. They have been a tradition in Spain for centuries. They originated in the villages and countryside, mainly to serve farm workers and village labourers. Originally bartenders would place a crust of bread over their customers glasses to keep insects out. Being poor, the customers would eat the bread with their wine before returning to their labours. Thankfully nowadays tapas have evolved greatly. Visitors to the city will now find mind boggling selection of these tasty treats.
Tapas Bars
Source: Flickr / Mike S

Tapas Bars In Torrevieja

Visitors to Torrevieja are often put off eating in Spanish restaurants purely because they can’t understand the menu. This really is a shame as the variety and quality of most Spanish food is excellent. This needn’t be the case with tapas bars as most will have their tapas in glass display cases. It’s then just a matter of pointing to whatever takes your fancy. Other more traditional tapas bars will just serve you a tapa with your drink order without asking. some bars provide these for free. Other tapas bars in the more touristy areas will charge for their tapas.

Tapas Restaurants In Torrevieja

Torrevieja has a selection of lovely tapas restaurants. Here you select what takes your fancy and each tapa will come with a toothpick. At the end of your meal the toothpicks are counted and that is the amount of tapas you pay for (an indication of Spanish honesty). An excellent value tapas restaurant called 100 Montaditos can be found on Calle Ramon Galud. This is close to Domino’s Pizza. Here the fantastic variety of tapas are super fresh. Most come in freshly baked little crusty rolls. They range from 1€ – 5€ depending on size and ingredients. They also do some great value food & drink combos. Two tostadas and a cup of coffee will cost just 1.80€.

Sports Bars

We are classifying a bar as “Sports Bars” as one themed either as sports bar, the owner calls it one, or they show a lot of live sports at it.