The Euro is the official currency of Spain. In Spain you will see prices listed as 25 €. On a UK keyboard if you want to make the € sign you can either press hold the Alt Gr key + the number 4 key (Alt Gr + 4) or you can press and hold the Alt key + type numbers 0128 (Alt + 0128). The placement of the € is often placed before the amount on UK websites, as we are used to seeing £ before any amounts, this is neither wrong, nor right, since no official recommendation is made with regards to placement, but should be noted other country’s that use the Euro, such as Ireland and Netherlands also place the € before the amount.

Exchange Rates

Our Exchange Rates information is updated every hour via the Open Source Exchange Rates project. Find out what you can currently get in Euro’s for your British Pounds. We also have information on ways to save money, when transferring Pounds into Euros.


Torrevieja has a lot of banks to pick from, many Spanish banks in the area offer branches with English speaking staff to help you and some international banks also have branches in or near the town.


We also have a Map of “Everything” listed on Torrevieja Insider, along with the ability to get directions by either typing in your starting location or if you have a Geo Location Device such as a smart phone...