Euro Exchange Rates

Below is today’s headline bank exchange rates, of course what exchange rates in Torrevieja you get when you come to exchange it, will depend on who you use, what rates they offer and any hidden or extra charges.

British Pounds to Euros

  • £1.00 gets you €1.16.
  • £10.00 gets you €11.60.
  • £100.00 gets you €115.99.
  • £1,000.00 gets you €1,159.88.

Euros to British Pounds

  • €1.00 gets you £0.86.
  • €10.00 gets you £8.62.
  • €100.00 gets you £86.22.
  • €1,000.00 gets you £862.16.

Transferring Money from UK to Spain

If you have a UK and Spanish Bank Account, the best rates we have found online is via a website called TransferWise. This service has been setup by the founders of Skype and PayPal as a new way to take on the high street banks and established transfer company’s. The way it works is you start your transfer when you’re happy with the rate and other people from Euro Zone countries are doing the same, helping each other get the best rates by avoiding the charges from the established players. Since we already use TransferWise, they allow you to invite friends who get a free transfer (we get a free transfer also) so follow our link to benefit from your first transfer free of any charges.

“Spain Euro” or “Spanish Euro”

While each country in the Euro Zone that use Euros as their main currency, do print their own money, there is no difference from say a Euro printed in Spain, to one printed in France. So “Spanish Euros” or “Spain Euro” doesn’t actually matter. It’s not like in the UK, when you have a Scottish pound note and you are trying to spend it in England, while the money is basically the same, they look different and so add to the confusion of are they accepted or not. Where as all Euro Notes look the same, it’s just the coins that are different on one side, but again these are widely accepted as normal across the whole of Europe, that use the Euro as the main currency.

Exchange Rates are updated every hour, the data is provided for free via the Open Source Exchange Rates project. Its accuracy and availability are never guaranteed, and there’s no warranty provided.