Supermarkets in Torrevieja

Supermarkets in Torrevieja come in all shapes and sizes and when you are on holiday, especially when it’s a self catering holiday it’s a good idea to find out where all the close by supermarkets are for stocking up on your food and drink. So we have put together this section to give you an idea of what supermarkets are in Torrevieja and what you’ll be able to find in each one and what supermarkets are best for certain foods etc. As you can see from the map there are supermarkets galore in Torrevieja. No matter where you are situated there will be a supermarket close by. The Spanish word for supermarket is Supermercado.

Most of the main supermarkets in Torrevieja such as Carrefour and Alcampo are large and sell a wide range of food and drinks, clothes, jewellery, furniture etc, just like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda in the UK. Food and drink wise the prices tend to be cheaper, unless you’re looking to buy imported produce from back home. Fruits and vegetables are a lot cheaper, however if you want to get some fantastic bargains on them try the markets. When we go to Mercado de Campo de Guardamar the kid’s love it as you get offered tasters of the fruits to entice you into buying them, which we do as they always taste amazing 🙂 We were really surprised on our first visit when we asked for “Dos kilos” of Satsuma’s (2 Kilos because that’s what they were advertising) we were then given a plastic bag filled with them for only €2! We thought it would be way too much for us to eat before going home, however they were so juicy and sweet that between the 4 of us we managed to finish them and go back for more during our 2½ week holiday. Anyway even at the supermarkets the fruit and vegetables are cheaper and they quite often let you have tasters too. The alcohol is also loads cheaper, in fact you can even find wine and beer for €1 in certain stores, although we haven’t tried them yet so can’t guarantee they taste any good 😉

If you have fussy eaters or just would prefer to stick to some of the brands you love in the UK, then you will be able to find some brands you recognise in a few of the supermarkets although they will cost a bit more, or you could visit the Iceland store but again it will cost a bit more due to the food being imported over from the UK. I would say though, that I found you can pretty much find Spanish alternatives to most foods and drinks if you look and they taste just as good or even yummier in some cases and you have the bonus of it being a cheaper too 😉