White Water Rafting

White water rafting is the perfect holiday activity for those scorching summer days. It offers exercise, picturesque scenery, team spirit and loads of thrills & spills. The inland areas of southern Costa Blanca are relatively arid with few noteworthy rivers. However, the River Segura runs through much of inland Orihuela Costa and flows throughout the year. The area of river between the small towns of Blanca and Cieza provide the best conditions for white water rafting. This is close to the city of Murcia and just over an hour’s drive from Torrevieja.

White Water Rafting

Although not nearly as wild as the rivers of north America’s great canyons or the famous white water rafting at Victoria Falls, the Segura River is still a great place for a refreshing day out. Think of it as more of a downriver boat ride with lovely views, some choppy areas, obstacles and two waterfall drops. One drop is medium and the other large. You can negotiate the larger one on foot if you’re a bit wary of staying in the boat, or on the super fun banana boat.

White Water Rafting Murcia

Rafting Murcia are a well established adventure tour company located on Av. Rio Segura in the little town of Blanca. They offer the choice of three river excursions. These are white water rafting, kayaking or on their giant 9 metre long banana boat. All excursions are along the same stretch of river. They are also the same distance of approximately 13 kilometres and duration of around 3 hours. All excursions include a stop for a swim and snacks and refreshments.

White Water Rafting Journey

Participants meet at the company’s base in Blanca. Here there are ablutions, showers and lockers. Once everyone is accounted for it’s on the coach for the short journey to Cieza. This is the starting point for your adventure. After donning helmets and life jackets it’s time to get wet and wild. The starting point can get pretty hectic with lots of different boats in the water.

Once you get started though, the boats gradually drift apart leaving you to enjoy the passing scenery. There are natural obstacles and bridges to negotiate along the way. You will also come across calm sections to enjoy a swim in the river. The first waterfall drop is quite easy and most people stay on the boats. The longer and higher waterfall drop is where the boat stops for snacks and refreshments. So, after a bite to eat you can brave the drop or just join the boat at the bottom. All in all, the white water rafting adventure is a fun experience for all ages.

Villa Salada Riding Centre

At Villa Salada Riding Centre you can have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful 1 hour long trek on a horse. Their guided trekking service leads you around the beautiful Salt Lakes of Torrevieja.