Tabarca Island

The city of Torrevieja and its wonderful coastline provide adventures galore and there are activities and day excursions for all the family to enjoy. The small island of Tabarca is situated 3 miles off the cape of Santa Pola and is a 40 minute boat ride from Torrevieja’s harbour. Declared a protected marine reserve and bird sanctuary in 1986, no petroleum powered vehicles are permitted on the island making it the perfect retreat for some blissful peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, boat trips to the island are popular with up to 3,000 visitors a day in the peak summer months, but fortunately, the island is still large enough to find secluded bays and coves for a nice family picnic.

Approximately 1,800 metres long and 400 metres wide, Tabarca Island enjoys a pleasant combination of small sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and hidden coves. The island is renowned for it’s fantastic seafood restaurants, and indeed, some people take the fast speed boat trip just to dine in one of its restaurants. Casa del Gobernador ( Governor’s House ) San Pedro and San Pablo churches are places of historical interest and there is also an old fort and lighthouse to explore. The protected waters around the island have good clarity on most days and offer excellent snorkelling opportunities.

With the delicious cuisine on offer and the relaxed beach side settings, it is easy to spend much of the day at one the restaurants, but this can be costly and with it being a 7 hour excursion, many visitors bring picnic hampers and sufficient necessities to see them comfortably through the day. There are a selection of boat excursions to the island including a speedboat and popular glass bottom boat that gives the feeling of being in a submarine, although passengers can enjoy the trip above deck too.

Boat Charters

Boat charters offer one of the best ways to explore the beautiful Costa Blanca coastline. There is a fantastic coastal path that runs all the way from Torrevieja to the far border of Orihuela Costa.