Torrevieja for Kids

In this section we are just going to do an overview of all things related to being on holiday in Torrevieja with kids such as things to do, where to eat, shopping etc. The young are very well catered for in Torrevieja, from funfairs and water parks, to arcades, soft plays and parks galore there is lots to keep them occupied and that’s not even taking into account the natural and free fun they can have at the many beaches and natural parks where they can go for bike rides or walks. Restaurant wise, there are many family friendly ones and also fast food establishments.

Let’s start with the free stuff 😉

There is plenty of fun to be had that doesn’t need to cost you a penny! First and foremost is the beach, there are plenty of beautiful sandy beaches to choose from and most kids will happily spend a full day out at the beach, especially if you choose one that also has a play area for kids such as Playa de la Mata. Just remember to pack a picnic with plenty of snacks and drinks, sun cream, towels, picnic blankets, maybe some beach activities (beach ball, badminton set, water floats etc), sun umbrella (if you don’t want to hire one or can’t at chosen beach) maybe a little sun tent for really young toddlers or babies if you are planning on spending a long time at the beach as its very important to have some shaded area for children to escape from the sun for a bit and don’t forget buckets and spades! If you try and be as organised as possible then you really can spend a fun day out that keeps everyone in the family happy and it doesn’t need to cost a penny, well maybe if there is a bar on the beach you may want to buy some cocktails or beer for the adults and some cold drinks and ice lollies for the kids 😉

Torrevieja has a few natural parks which provide a nice area to pass a couple of hours going for a long walk through some scenic walkways surrounded by natural vegetation and wildlife. Pack a picnic, take some activities such as a ball or a Frisbee and just enjoy some family time in the sun. You could even look into hiring some bikes to take along, quite often hotels offer bike hire. La Mata-Torrevieja Nature Park is ideal for this and has routes suited for both walking and cycling and the views over the two lakes are stunning. Some of the natural parks even have children’s play park areas with swings and slides such as Parque de las Naciones which even has a lake with little electric boats you can hire.

If you just want to pass an hour or so and let the kids get outdoors to burn off some energy then there are plenty of places to visit that will allow them to do just that while you get to enjoy some spectacular scenery. Torrevieja Pier is perfect for this, by the time you have walked all the way to the Lighthouse at the end and back again, which is about 1,600 metres; you will have done roughly a 2 mile walk! Could make for a nice evening stroll, even the kids should appreciate the majestic sunset and the 2 mile walk should tire them out before bed 😉 The Torrevieja Promenade is another great place to go for a long scenic walk that often has street entertainers along the way, especially in the evenings and during the high season. You’ll find ideal seating areas or rocks along the way, our kids like when we stop to sit and enjoy the views while they run about crazy and climb the rocks 🙂

There are also museums that are either free or very low cost to visit, and although not all may appeal to children some such as the S-61 Delfin Submarine Floating Museum and the Albatros III Patrol Boat Floating Museum should be of interest.

Activities that will cost something

Ok so we’ve covered some of the free fun to be had now let’s look at some of the other things to do with kids that Torrevieja and the surrounding area has to offer. If your kids love waterparks then of course there are 3 to choose from which you can find more detail on in our Attractions section. They have all the usual fun slides and pools with wave machine, sun loungers, snack bars etc.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to try out, from quad bikes, zip lines, horse riding, kayaking and paintball at Lo Rufete – Multi Adventure Park, or mini golf to indoor activities like 10 Pin Bowling, arcade machines, softplay areas etc, all of these for example can be found in the one area at the Ozone Leisure Centre, which even has a cinema and loads of restaurants and bars so ideal for the whole family. If you have children who are into Go-Karting or would fancy giving it a go then check out Go-Karts Orihuela Costa.

If travelling out a bit further isn’t a problem then visiting places like Rio Safari Elche can make for a fun day out with kids, what we found was we spent maybe 2 hrs going around the park and seeing the special attractions, then we grabbed a bite to eat inside the safari park at the end and then on the way home stopped by the beach for an hour or so, which the kids loved, it was a fun ending to a nice day out 🙂

Why not try something a bit different and book onto a boat trip, there are ones suitable for families and also some aimed solely for children, obviously the parents have to attend also but the entertainment onboard is tailored towards the children. But while they are having fun and being entertained you get to just enjoy the views and soak up the sun.

Let’s look at food

Well we have two boys, one a fussy eater and the other will eat pretty much anything! We don’t have any bother finding places to eat out with the kids in Torrevieja that will have at least something our fussy eater will eat. There are so many buffet style restaurants that we do tend to visit these more since they offer more of a selection. One of our favourites is Muerde la Pasta since it has a fantastic indoor soft play area attached to it, allowing the kids a chance to play during or after the meal and the selection of food on offer is great, everything from rice and pasta dishes, to meats and pizzas and salads.

As you can see from our food section there are restaurants for just about every style of cuisine, so if you know your child eats better in an American style restaurant or Italian for pizza then there are plenty of restaurants that will be suitable. If you’re lucky enough to have more adventurous children when it comes to trying new cuisines then there are of course plenty of typically Spanish Mediterranean restaurants or tapas bars as well us Thai, Japanese, Chinese etc.

For those with children who love to eat from the famous fast food establishments then don’t worry, there are McDonalds, Burger Kings, KFC etc 😉


One of the first things you’ll notice when arriving in Spain on holiday from the UK, after the sunshine and warm weather of course 😉 is how much less green it is.