Avenida de las Habaneras Walk

One of the main roads through the centre of Torrevieja is Avenida de las Habaneras that starts at the city end of Los Locos Beach. If you were coming from La Mata, it is the continuation of Avenida Dr Mariano Ruiz. It runs parallel with Playa del Cura so wherever you are along the Avenue, you’re only a few blocks from the beach. Personally I haven’t seen much information on this area of the city which really has a lot to offer, so I thought I might share a bit of my local knowledge and hopefully let some of you enjoy the little gems I have found along this interesting Avenue.

As Los Locos Beach ends you enter Avenida de las Habaneras and the first bar/restaurant you come to is Abadia that advertise reasonably priced meals and tapas but I nearly choked when I was told the price of my pint of Amstel !!. On this corner, one block up Calle del Palangre is Copa Llena, a great little place, although a bit dark, but who cares when you can get a plate of chicken wings and a bottle of beer for 3.50€ or calamari and a beer for 3.00€

Continuing up the Avenue, on the right is a pharmacy and on the left an extremely popular Chinese restaurant called Nuevo Mundo that has a good value extensive menu and large portions. They usually open from 12.00 to 23.30 Next door is Rico’s Kebabs & Pizza which serve my favourite mixed chicken & lamb Doner Kebab in Torrevieja; the chilli sauce is home made, spicy and delicious, and they stay open until Midnight. Next to Rico’s is the lovely Adele’s Hair & Beauty Salon that usually opens from 09.30 to 19.00 mon-sat. Adele is a really bubbly lady, always up for a chat, who speaks great English and is handy with the scissors.

Continuing up, on the right, half a block up Calle Goleta is a convenient Money Gram (money transfers) shop and a friendly Scandinavian bar called Viking, as well as the Spanish Mung Tavern that specialise in delicious Serrano ham. A bit further up the Avenue on the left is a well stocked second hand shop called Atocateja that has a lot of electrical goods and a great selection of guitars. On the right is Raco del Mar that is bright with modern signage, and the seafood looks good. Next along on the right is Sobor Y Ante Andaluz which seems to have a cult following of Spanish customers, and one South African, yes I too am hooked on this place that serves the tastiest free tapas I’ve had in Torrevieja. Lightly battered and fried fish fillets and squid tentacles are my favourites. Bottles of beer are between 1.50€ – 2.00€ and by the amount of wine I see my Spanish neighbours drinking, I think that’s reasonable too.

Cigarettes and tobacco products cannot be purchased in shops or supermarkets in Spain, and the only alternative are a few bars or Tobacconists. Not to fear, a bit further up the Avenue on the right, a half block up Calle Fragata is a tobacconist and patiserie where the pastries are so delicious and flaky you need to eat them outside. Next door is Aroa Bar that do a steak and sides for under 7.00€, and fantastic Calamari Romano in half and full portions, also at great prices. On the left is a 24hr mini mart which is really handy when you’ve fallen out a club at 4am !!

A little further up the Avenue on the right is Consum Supermarket with a wide range of products as well as butchery, fresh fish and delicatessen counters. Across the side street on the right is a Chino Bazaar selling all sorts of household items, toys and nik-naks. Just a couple of blocks more and the Avenue becomes one way traffic where you will find Torrevieja’s main bus terminus and another tobacconist on the left, and the Guardia Civil (police) station on the right. Three blocks further there is the large Mercadona Supermarket, and entrance to the famous Friday Market where we end our journey as Avenida de las Habaneras becomes Calle Antonio Machado.

Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas

Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas is one of Torrevieja’s main roads that runs from the outskirts of La Mata through Torrevieja’s outer lying residential areas.