Cable Ski

Cable ski in Torrevieja is a safer alternative to conventional water skiing. When on holiday in popular beach side locations like Torrevieja the seas can get very crowded. it can be extremely dangerous, launching and piloting a high powered speed boat with so many swimmers and surfers in the water. Many of us would like to try some of the popular water sports available. It can be a hassle though, having to drive to less populated areas to try high speed water sports like jet skiing or water skiing.

Cable Ski In Torrevieja

La Bocana Cable Ski in Torrevieja is located on Paseo de la Libertad, right in the marina area. This makes it possible for visitors spending time on the city’s main beaches to enjoy this thrilling new water sport. La Bocana is set in a designated safe area of 6,000 square metres. It has 170 metres of cable and even a ski jump for the more daring skiers. Cable Ski in Torrevieja offers fun for all the family, whether beginners or experienced skiers.

Practising Cable Ski In Torrevieja

Cable ski uses the same principal as conventional water skiing but without the boat. Skiers hold onto a cable with a wide, comfortable handle that is attached to the main overhead pulley system. Once kitted up, you are pulled off a sloping platform into the water. When you’ve got the hang of skiing, you can enjoy skipping along the waves performing turns and jumps. This can be done using standard water skis, a mono ski or a wake-board. All skiers are under the supervision of fully trained instructors.

La Bocana also offer a selection of other water sports. These include kayaking, stand up paddle and the exciting sport of coasteering. There is a comfortable snack bar with lovely terrace seating. Here you can watch all the action and enjoy an ice cold drink or meal. La Bocana Cable Ski in Torrevieja is open daily from 11.30-19.00 Mon to Fri and 10.00-20.00 Sat & Sun.

Windsurfing In Torrevieja

Windsurfing in Torrevieja can be enjoyed all year round. Spain is one of the best destinations for windsurfing in Europe. Although windsurfing in Torrevieja is not one of the top spots for the sport, nearby Mar Menor is. It is situated roughly an hour’s drive from Torrevieja.