Los Alcázares Airshow

Los Alcázares Airshow is an amazing display of aerobatics not to be missed. The event was originally held to commemorate the centenary of the Los Alcázares Aerodrome. The location of the airshow could not be better. Los Alcázares lies on the shores of the beautiful Mar Menor close to Murcia-San Javier Airport. The Mar Menor is a vast saltwater lagoon connected to the Mediterranean sea by a series of narrow fishing channels. The location makes it possible for residents and visitors to view the spectacular displays from the beach.

Los Alcázares Airshow

In 2015 the Los Alcázares Airshow was held over the weekend of 27th to 28th June with marching bands performing on Friday 26th. Known locally as La Fiesta del Cielo, the event features displays from both civilian and military outfits. These include performances from the Spanish, French, Belgian and Italian air forces. The airshow promises a weekend of fun for all the family. There are various interesting stalls, food & drink stalls and a thrilling jet flight simulator. This simulates the stunts of a C-101 military jet and has a capacity for 14 people.

Los Alcázares Airshow Itinerary

26th June – In the evening an impressive concert is performed by the Academia General del Aire of San Javier and the Tercio de Levante unit of Cartagena.

27th June – Teams from all participating countries perform a dazzling sunset aerobatic show over the sea and beaches. Accompanied by a colourful firework display, this really brings in the crowds. It’s a wonderfully social atmosphere with beach parties and much wine & song.

28th June – This is the main event of the weekend. During the morning and afternoon are a number of aerobatic performances. Again, all teams participate in a series of daredevil stunts. The best vantage point to view the Los Alcázares Airshow is along the bay between the Nautical Club and CAR Centro de Alto Rendimiento.

Nearby Places Of Interest

For visitors travelling from Torrevieja for the Los Alcázares Airshow, the area has many other excellent attractions and beaches. The Mar Menor Lagoon is very shallow and usually calm. Along with the water’s high salinity, this makes it a safe place to swim for children. Lo Pagan in the north boasts its famous mud baths. The resort area of La Manga in the far south is a haven for water sports. It is also home to the superb La Manga Club. Its sporting facilities are second to none. There are three 18 hole golf courses within the resort’s grounds. Add to this a multitude of other sports and leisure facilities, and you are assured a fun and varied day out.

Charity Events

Charity events in Torrevieja and the surrounding Costa Blanca are great family fun. It’s always heartwarming to see communities coming together to raise awareness and funds for the less fortunate.