Lake Fishing In Torrevieja

Of all the fantastic water sport activities available in Torrevieja, lake fishing has to be the most relaxing, and more often than not, the least expensive. For some, it’s a sport that becomes an obsession, forever chasing the bigger prize, the fearsome struggle and skill required to hook them and keep them hooked has inadvertently hooked the angler, and they will keep coming back for more, regardless of the weather. For most of us though, fishing is a time to relax, bring a picnic, light the BBQ and cast a rod. Sitting by the lake, shirt off and cold drink in hand, watching your float but not really caring if you get a bite or not, just enjoying the sun and the gentle sound of the waves on the lake shore, is what a relaxing day’s fishing is really about.

Around a 15 minute drive from Torrevieja is Lake Pedrera, more commonly referred to as Torremendo Lake which is the name of the nearest village. From Torrevieja, one way of reaching the lake is going towards Orihuela, take the turn off marked Torreaguera and continue until the lake comes into view and further on there is a parking area. Most people leave their cars here as the majority of the access roads down to the lake require a 4×4 vehicle. Lake Pedrera is a fun day out for all the family, whether fishing or just enjoying the sun, sadly swimming is prohibited in the lake.

The lake’s inlet is where most of the more serious anglers are found due to the powerful torrents entering here, stirring up nutrients that attract the fish. The most popular fish caught in the lake include carp, barbel (catfish) and zander, although there are other species less frequently caught like black bass. Most anglers are there for the carp that can be caught on a wide range of specialised baits like ”boilies” or even simple bait such as sweetcorn or ham.

Scuba Diving

Holidaymakers to the sunny coastal city of Torrevieja can enjoy a wide range of excellent activities, attractions and fun days out.