Torrevieja Parks

One of the first things you’ll notice when arriving in Spain on holiday from the UK, after the sunshine and warm weather of course 😉 is how much less green it is. Yes it has plenty of orchards full of lemon trees or orange trees, but due to its hot climate it’s definitely nowhere near as green as in the UK, thanks to all our wet weather. However Torrevieja does actually have quite a few garden areas or parks, where they work hard to keep it green, full of plants, trees and wildlife so as to give people a place to relax and enjoy walks and also with the addition of play areas for the young to enjoy, and you’ll find they do have lots of small play parks and slightly bigger play areas in the larger parks. In this section we are just going to focus on the main parks, but do make sure whatever area you are staying in, to explore around about it as there is bound to be a small play area close by, although it could be as small as just having a slide and a climbing frame, but even that can be handy for a wee evening walk along to with young children that you want to tire out before bedtime.

Aromatic Park

Also known as Parque Aromatico and Aromatic Torreblanca Canyon Park. The Aromatic Park provides a fragrant walk with many different spices and herbs planted in it, hence the name. It has a playground for children so you could take your kids for a walk or run around the park and then to have fun in the play area.

La Mata-Torrevieja Nature Park 

Also known as Parc Natural de La Mata-Torrevieja. The Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park is a protected area that is great for relaxing walks, surrounded by nature and fresh air.

Parque Doña Sinforosa

A small, yet enchanting little park well suited for short strolls and some escapism from the usual tourist spots. With a children’s play area you can take the kids for a walk ending in some fun play time 🙂

Nations Garden

Also known as Jardín de las Naciones. The Parque de las Naciones provides a relaxing escape from all the bustle of the city centre. It has a lake, plenty of different varieties of birds and greenery and lovely walkways making for relaxing strolls and peaceful picnics. It also has a children’s play park area.