Los Balcones Bus

The Los Balcones bus is handy for Torrevieja Hospital and the outer-lying residential areas of Orihuela Costa. Taking a bus in Torrevieja is relatively simple if you can speak passable Spanish. I wouldn’t class my Spanish as passable but Google Translate is a great help. Also if you are polite, most Spaniards will endeavour to understand you. So, with a few handy words written down, and a whole repertoire of hand gestures I set off to find the Los Balcones bus.

Los Balcones Bus Stop

There are a number of bus stops in the city that I have not used so I started my journey at the main bus terminus. This is located along Avenida de las Habaneras, near the Mercadona Supermarket. If you are not familiar with the city it is always wise to start and end your journey at the terminus which is pretty central. The main stop for local buses is just outside the terminus gates. The terminus itself is mainly used for coaches travelling further afield.

Torrevieja Bus Terminus

The terminus has a large cafe serving snacks, meals, soft and alcoholic drinks, Prices are reasonable considering it is the main city terminus. If I have time to spare I always seek refreshments from one of the nearby tapas bars which are great value. For the best deal on snacks for your journey, walk the 2 short blocks to the Mercadona Supermarket.

At the local bus stop there is a small TV screen showing times of incoming buses. These bus times are not written in stone so give yourself plenty time if you have an appointment. Los Balcones bus is route E (linea E). The buses run every 30 minutes to every hour depending on the time of day. The first is at 07:30 and the last at 22:00

Los Balcones Bus Journey

After leaving the stop the bus takes a winding route through the city and its suburbs until it reaches the N-332 dual carriageway near the edge of the port. This is where the beaches and residential areas of Acequion and Naufragos are. They have a small selection of bars and restaurants as well as the Hotel Tuto. Here the bus continues along the N-332 past the salt conveyor before turning right onto the CV-95 that runs near the edge of Torrevieja’s salt lake. The bus then stops at the excellent Torrevieja Hospital before continuing into Los Balcones. It then turns left and winds its way through the hills of the Los Balcones residential area.

The route then turns left back onto the CV-95 again and continues until reaching the modern Doña Monse Hotel & Spa. Here it turns left into Avenida Laguna Azul and goes up the hill past Bar El Capitan to its final stop. It then turns around for the return journey. This is quicker as it doesn’t do the trip through the hills again but continues straight along the CV-95. It then follows the same route back to Torrevieja. There is a stop in the harbour area which is handy for the marina and beaches. Remain on the bus if you wish to go back to the terminus.

A Handy Hint

The final stop in Los Balcones is close to the Villa Park 111 Commercial Centre. The centre is popular with British residents and holidaymakers and has a good selection of lively bars and restaurants. If visiting this area and using the bus for your return journey, a handy hint is to walk down the hill to Bar El Capitan. Here you can enjoy a drink on the terrace whilst keeping an eye out for the bus. When you see it pass you have a few minutes to make your way to the bus stop before it comes back down the hill. For the return journey from all the other areas of Los Balcones it is best to wait at one of the stops along the CV-95.

Torrevieja Tourist Train

The Torrevieja Tourist Train is a great way for newcomers to the city to see some of the sights. Resembling an old fashioned steam train, its bright green engine compartment and carriages with their yellow trim are unmistakable.