Torrevieja To Alicante City Bus

The Torrevieja to Alicante City bus journey is a lot easier than most people think. To help visitors get the most out of their holiday, I have undertaken several bus journeys to some of the most popular destinations along the coast. I live in Torrevieja and quite often pass through the city’s bus terminus on my way to one of my favourite tapas bars. It’s quite sad to see the worried, and sometimes down right terrified look on many of the commuters faces.

Torrevieja To Alicante City Bus

If you are just taking a leisurely bus journey, don’t spoil your day by worrying about bus times. They are quite regular, and besides, you’re on holiday so chill out 🙂 The Costa Blanca’s various bus services are actually quite efficient. Usually it’s the language barrier that gets people stressed. My Spanish is not good. But with the whole day ahead to get to where I want to go, I have found the leisurely bus journeys I have taken so far a pleasant experience.

Torrevieja To Alicante City Bus Terminus

Torrevieja’s bus terminus is centrally located where Av. de las Habaneras ends and Calle Antonio Machado starts. Just look for the large Mercadona Supermarket sign which is a couple of blocks from the terminus. All the local buses stop just outside the terminus gates. The longer journey buses and coaches stop inside the terminus.

There are 2 ticket booths, the one for buses from Torrevieja, Costa Azul Bus Company is closest to the cafĂ©/bar. The other is the Alsa Bus Company for Alicante, Benidorm and various other buses. You can purchase your ticket on the bus. However, priority boarding will be given to those in the queue who have already purchased a ticket. If you haven’t, you will be asked to wait for all ticket holders to board first. This is usually not a problem outside the peak summer months. Between July and September it is highly advisable to get your ticket before boarding.

Torrevieja To Alicante City Bus Stops

The Torrevieja to Alicante City bus stops right in front of the cafĂ©/bar. Although most will have the destination displayed on the screen above the driver, some don’t so just ask the driver to be sure. The bus makes several stops on its way out of the city. The first town you get to is Guardamar del Segura where the bus stops at the town’s terminus. This is right outside the Wednesday Market. This is handy if you fancy a day wandering around the market or visiting one of the town’s lovely beaches. It then continues to San Fulencio where the bus stop is just a short walk to San Fulencio Go-Karts, another fun day out.

There are then 2 stops in the town of La Marina. The first is right outside the large and well equipped La Marina Camping & Resort. The resort is an excellent place to stay for families. It boasts camping facilities and bungalows as well as swimming pools, fun activities, restaurant, shop etc. The Torrevieja to Alicante City bus continues past picturesque salt lakes and stops again in Santa Pola. From here it’s a non stop run into Alicante bus terminus (El Altet). Please don’t quote me on this as there may have been other stops where nobody wanted to get on.

Alicante Bus Terminus

El Altet is an impressive terminus with digital displays above each bus bay. There are also arrival and departure announcements (in Spanish). You will find various tour bus ticket booths and a modern café/bar. For journeys further afield such as Benidorm, the Alsa ticket booths are on the upper level. Arrival and departure for the Torrevieja buses is from bays 18 & 19. It is worth mentioning. The Alsa buses all have toilets. The Costa Azul buses however have none.

Torrevieja To Alicante City Bus Times & Price

A single ticket on the Torrevieja to Alicante City bus is a very reasonable 4.50€. The buses run at least every hour from 07:15 to 21:40 and on the return journey from 07:00 to 21:00. Be sure to ask for a bus schedule printout for your entire journey as some of the bus times are only on certain days. Please note: All prices may be subject to change.

Torrevieja To Alicante Airport Bus

Torrevieja to Alicante Airport bus service is operational from the main bus terminus in the city centre. The service will prove extremely helpful to those visiting Torrevieja who don’t have friends or family in the area to pick them up or don’t have the funds or necessary license to hire a vehicle.