Spearfishing in Torrevieja is not very popular and you won’t find much information at all on the sport being practised in this area. Let’s hope you at least find this article somewhat helpful. Torrevieja’s coastline is not exactly teeming with fish. That’s not to say the fish aren’t out there. There just aren’t many decent size fish close to the shore. For any decent sort of spearfishing in Torrevieja, you need to get out to the deeper piers, reefs and wrecks. Close to the shoreline it’s more about the enjoyment of the sport and being at one with nature.

Spearfishing In Torrevieja

Looked at in this way, the sport needn’t cost you an arm and leg, unless you happen to meet a large hungry shark!! Serious spearfishing gear can run into the thousands. Spearos living in countries, or visiting countries where the waters are teeming with prize fish, don’t mind paying this price. Doing it commercially, the rewards can be huge. So, if you want to try spearfishing in Torrevieja, just get a basic snorkelling kit, between 30€ – 60€. A spear gun can be bought for as little as £30 in most UK dive shops and for around 60€ here.

Equipment For Spearfishing In Torrevieja

Some are not comfortable with the strength needed to load the conventional rubber band loading system. If so you will need to spend quite a bit more on a CO2 gas spear gun. Spear lines may get tangled or caught, and carrying a decent diving knife is always the safest option. There you have it, dive knife in hand and a rubber band spear gun, you’re ready to hit the water for around 100€.

Areas For Spearfishing In Torrevieja

There are no particularly good or bad spots for spearfishing in Torrevieja. If you are a real novice, don’t bother with large sandy areas off the beaches as there’s nowhere for the fish to hide, so they are not there. Stick to the piers, rocky coves, lagoons and reefs. Here there are rocks, sea grass and plants for the fish to hide in. Have a look at our article on snorkelling for a selection of the best snorkelling routes in the area. For a better chance at more serious spearfishing, head for the port city of Cartagena. Here the spearfishing is better. The city also offers a whole host of historical buildings and monuments, as well as a superb selection of shops, bars and restaurants, making for a delightful day out.


Surfing in Torrevieja is great fun and can be enjoyed by surfers of all experience levels. For the more experienced and professional surfers, Spain has some of the best waves on the planet. The country plays host to a number of International surf competitions.