Charity Events

Charity events in Torrevieja and the surrounding Costa Blanca are great family fun. It’s always heartwarming to see communities coming together to raise awareness and funds for the less fortunate. Although charity events take place globally on a daily basis, they just never seem to be enough. Let’s face it, if the first world’s governments and mega rich donated a tiny fraction of their wealth towards helping the starving masses, poverty could be wiped out overnight. Unfortunately, this will never happen. It’s usually your every day ‘blue collar’ worker that does the most to try and help others which tells us a lot about human nature and the greed of some.

Charity Events In Torrevieja

Charity events come in many forms and are held for many different causes. Torrevieja is one of the poorest cities in Spain. However, that doesn’t stop the kindhearted citizens of the city doing what they can to help others. This can also be said for the numerous expat communities residing in neighbouring Orihuela Costa. The events held in these areas are usually to raise funds for local causes. These include children’s homes, animal rescue centres, volunteer centres for those with various disabilities, and even to help certain unfortunate individuals.

Types Of Local Charity Events

Charity events can be as small as a certain bar holding a raffle with some or all the proceeds going to a chosen charity. Other events can be huge, held over an entire weekend and boasting numerous attractions. These are beneficial in many ways. They bring customers to the place where the event is being held. They offer exposure and advertising to the various companies getting involved. And best of all, they offer a fun and social day out for the general public.

Orihuela Costa Charity Events

Orihuela Costa’s predominantly British and Irish bars are popular venues for charity events. These usually involve a variety of entertainment to attract customers. Live bands, solo artists, stand up comedy and children’s performers are a great way to bring in the crowds. There is usually other fun stuff for the young ones like bouncy castles, animation and face painting. Various stalls offer local arts & crafts and other items for sale. Visitors are also tempted with a variety of delicious food stalls such as BBQ and roast pig on the spit. Whatever the event, it’s just great to see whole communities getting together to try and make this world a better place.

Artists Against Cancer

Held in 2014, on Sunday the 8th June, start time 12:30pm.