Fast Food

Fast food outlets in Torrevieja, although not as plentiful as in most UK cities, still provide a decent choice of food on the go. Torrevieja is by and large a Spanish working city. That is until the peak summer months when thousands of holidaymakers arrive for some fun in the sun. The Spanish like to eat healthy, and for most a quick bite during their lunch break will usually consist of a few tapas. In the evenings and during weekends some Spaniards, especially those with children, will forego a home cooked meal and opt for their favourite fast food.

Fast Food Choices

The most popular fast food with holidaymakers and local expat residents are the iconic takeaway chains. The ones to be found in the city include Burger King, KFC, Subway, Domino’s and McDonald’s. There are also several other pizza chains and a number of kebab shops. Sadly for those who like their chicken hot n spicy, the city doesn’t have a Nando’s. What you will find dotted around the city and at practically every street market are rotisserie chicken shops and vans. This method of roasting chicken produces delicious results and tender, juicy meat.

Spanish Fast Food Favourites

One Spanish fast food chain that gives all the above a run for their money is 100 Montaditos. These can be somewhat confusing as the menus, in the city branch at least, say EuroMania. Maybe a name change but haven’t updated the menus. Whatever the name, these places are fantastic. They are similar to a tapas restaurant but with many dishes to suit the foreign palate. The menu predominantly features freshly baked, crusty little bread rolls with various fillings. The dishes start from less than 1€ and there are some great value drink/food combos.

Another local favourite chain is Fresco. These colourfully decorated restaurants are similar to Subway in the sense they serve delicious food with the emphasis on freshness. They are not a choose your own topping place but all dishes are cooked from fresh. Their good value menu choice includes pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, sandwiches, baguettes, sides and salads.

Fast Food City Locations

The majority of fast food outlets favoured by tourists are, not surprisingly, in the tourist hot spots. The picturesque Paseo Juan Aparicio is Torrevieja’s lively seafront promenade. Here, near the beginning of the pier is a Burger King. Behind this is several kebab shops including the popular Varto Kebab. Further along the promenade is a Fresco restaurant with pleasant outdoor seating. The evening trade is well catered for here with numerous restaurants lining the promenade. The emphasis in these establishments is fresh fish and seafood.

A few blocks up from the promenade is Calle Ramon Gallud. This is the road to head to for pizzas. Within three blocks from each other are Telepizza, Domino’s and Vadepizza. In between these is a branch of 100 Montaditos. Throughout the city there are a further choice of pizza and kebab takeaways, as well as small shops specialising in rotisserie chickens. For those who wish to try a variety of small Spanish dishes, there are literally hundreds of tapas bars.

Other Fast Food Locations

A number of popular fast food establishments are strategically located close to the city’s main leisure attractions. This is around the popular Habaneras Commercial Centre. Within the shopping centre is a further 100 Montaditos. Across the road from the centre is an IMF multi screen cinema complex. Next to this is Ozone Bowling and Sky Zone Trampolines. Visitors spending time at the leisure centres have a choice of nearby popular eateries. These include Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and Subway. Neighbouring Orihuela Costa makes for a perfect day out from Torrevieja. Here there is also a choice of takeaways and some superb restaurants.

Tapas Tour

Tapas bars in Torrevieja can be found on practically every street corner. They have been a tradition in Spain for centuries. They originated in the villages and countryside, mainly to serve farm workers and village labourers.