Torrevieja Fly Boarding

The latest water sport craze to hit Torrevieja’s beaches is Fly boarding. Invented by Frenchman Franky Zapata in 2012, the fly board took the world by storm later that year when it was first revealed to the public at the jet ski World Championship. Since then it has become the ”must do” beach holiday activity and has already proved popular with the worlds rich and famous. Being a recent invention and requiring specialised equipment, it is not something everyone can own due to its high price, but who knows what the future holds, the first computers were within very few peoples budget. For now it remains an adrenalin fuelled water sport activity that is sweeping the world’s beaches, including Torrevieja.

The actual fly board, which is similar in shape and size to a skateboard, has built in boots that are firmly attached to the rider’s feet. Propulsion for the board comes from a basic jet ski that has patented adaptors allowing a hose to be attached to the jet ski’s propulsion system. The hose is attached at the other end to the fly board that has downward facing jets where the water is forced through at high pressure to create lift for the rider. This allows the jet ski to follow behind the rider, giving them the freedom to soar into the air at heights of up to 40 feet and by controlling the flow of the jets and angling the body lets the rider swoop through the air in curves and spirals, diving in and out the sea just like a dolphin.

The fly board is buoyant, so in between stunts and dives the rider can float and catch their breath until ready to soar into the sky again. With proper instruction, many new riders will start to get the hang of the fly board within 10 minutes and can be attempting stunts and dives in less than 30 minutes. Fly boarding adventures can be found in Torrevieja’s Marina area and also in nearby Cabo Roig.


Gyms, sports centres and fitness centres can be found throughout Torrevieja, and along with a healthy diet, most Spaniards enjoy some sort of exercise.