Gyms in Torrevieja

Gyms, sports centres and fitness centres can be found throughout Torrevieja, and along with a healthy diet, most Spaniards enjoy some sort of exercise. Visitors to the area are usually happy getting their exercise with a swim in the sea but for those that wish to keep their fitness levels up whilst on holiday, there are a wide range of sporting facilities available.

Gyms aren’t for everyone, mainly due to the fact that they conjure images of punishing workouts, burning muscles and lungs fit to burst. Although this is the case for many serious body builders and keep fit fanatics, a lot of people in Spain regularly visit their gym to catch up with friends, enjoy a ”skinny latte” and maybe do a few stretches and a mild workout on the treadmill or cycling machines.

With Torrevieja having a large expat community, there are an abundance of social clubs, hobby groups, keep fit classes, walking groups, tennis & bowls clubs, aerobics classes and various martial arts centres. Most of these clubs and groups are free to join and welcome members of all fitness and skill levels. It’s more about enjoying the sunshine, meeting new people and having fun whilst getting in some exercise and maybe a few refreshing drinks.

Most of Torrevieja’s beaches provide a variety of beach sports and exercise facilities like huge rope climbing frames, user friendly static gym machines and beach volleyball nets. For those into more serious gyms and sports facilities, the huge Torrevieja Sports City is amazing and provides practically every sport imaginable. Their facilities include international competition class football pitches, tennis courts, squash courts and a full size athletics track and stadium. The indoor complex has a heated Olympic size swimming pool and facilities for all indoor sports including training, body building and martial arts gyms.


Golf in Torrevieja is extremely popular and quite often the Costa Blanca is referred to as the Costa del Golf due to its abundance of golf courses, making it a keen golfer’s paradise.