Martial Arts

Mars is the Roman god of war and the term martial arts is derived from Latin meaning ”Arts of Mars” Thought by most to be the various fighting and defensive styles of Eastern Asia, the term martial arts, as early as the 1500’s, actually referred to the fighting techniques of Europe. The various forms and uses of self defence is far more numerous and diverse than the average person thinks, most being familiar with terms such as karate, judo and kick boxing. There are actually over 200 different forms of martial arts, practised in practically every country in the world. Again, the average person thinks its uses are purely for self defence and attack but these ancient techniques are also a form of dance, pantomime, self discipline, meditation and an aid to healing the body. Much of these techniques are used for both mental and physical exercise, and most masters and instructors stress that aggression and attack are to be used only as a last resort when defending yourself or your family.

With modern technology now playing a large part of our everyday lives, people, especially children and teenagers are not getting nearly enough exercise, and self defence training offers a combination of exercise and self discipline as well as the chance to meet new friends. There are excellent sporting facilities in Torrevieja and a number of clubs, gym’s and sports centres offering martial arts training. Located in the residential area of Las Naciones, The Sasen Ryu Martial Arts Academy offers lessons in Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do as well as a family class on Sunday’s. Howards Gym in Quesada offer karate lessons for children every Thursday and Friday. Torrevieja’s huge Sports City has practically every sporting facility imaginable and there is a comprehensive gymnasium as well as judo lessons.

Lake Fishing

Of all the fantastic water sport activities available in Torrevieja, lake fishing has to be the most relaxing, and more often than not, the least expensive.