Swimming in Torrevieja

Swimming in Torrevieja is one of the main activities enjoyed by most when on a summer holiday, and the city and its surrounding areas offer plenty of opportunities for swimming and fun in the sun. Torrevieja enjoys fantastic weather with summer temperatures averaging around 30 celsius and over 300 days of sunshine a year. There are more than a dozen beaches to choose from, most with fine sandy beaches and some with rocky coves and cliffs. Torrevieja’s sandy beaches are great for sunbathing and most of them shelve gently into the sea, making them ideal for young children learning how to swim.

Source: Flickr / Mike Young

The rocky areas along the coastline are perfect for snorkelling and visitors can spend hours exploring the beautiful underwater world. In and around the city there are a selection of sports centres that have indoor and outdoor swimming pools so visitors can enjoy a swim all year round. The huge Sports City has a choice of swimming pools and even an indoor Olympic size pool with competition class diving boards and platforms.

Within a 15 minute drive from Torrevieja is the exciting Lo Rufete Adventure Park that offers loads of great activities for all the family to enjoy including a swimming pool with picnic and BBQ facilities. About the same distance from the city, visitors can spend a day at the large and picturesque Torremendo Lake that is safe to swim in and is also a popular fishing spot. Spread the picnic blanket, cast a rod, have a swim and who knows, if your luck is in and the fishing is good you can spark up the BBQ and enjoy your catch, fresh from the water.

A bit further afield, around an hour and a half drive from Torrevieja, but well worth the journey, is the stunning Algar Waterfalls that cascade through boulders and valleys, forming delightful rock pools that are perfect for swimming and provide an icy treat from the scorching afternoon sun. There are picnic spots, a tourist office, botanical gardens, restaurants and a museum to enjoy as well.

Fly Boarding

The latest water sport craze to hit Torrevieja’s beaches is Fly boarding. Invented by Frenchman Franky Zapata in 2012, the fly board took the world by storm later that year when it was first revealed to the public at the jet ski World Championship.