Sailing in Torrevieja is a popular leisure and competition water sport. It can be enjoyed by all the family. It is also one of the few sports that people of all ages and genders can compete against each other. There are a variety of sail boats in which to enjoy the sport. These include dinghy’s, catamarans, yachts and beautiful classics such as tall ships. When enjoying a day at the beach you will often see pretty sailing regatta’s on the horizon. Many are just groups of like minded people enjoying camaraderie and a day out on the water.

Other regattas are huge affairs involving hundreds of sail boats. A good example is the famous Windjammer Parade in Germany, the largest sailing event in the world. Some of the other sail boat racing events such as the America’s Cup generate millions of euros and make for one of the most expensive sports in the world.

Recreational Sailing In Torrevieja

Recreational sailing along Costa Blanca’s beautiful coastline is popular. It offers individuals, groups or families an inexpensive way to enjoy and explore hidden coves, bays and islands. When the sun goes down you can simply drop anchor in a secluded bay and spend the night under the stars. This really is a fun way to get out on the sea, and you don’t need a large boat or loads of equipment. Depending on how many people in your group, even a sailing dinghy is sufficient. With the wind as your fuel, the beach as your bed, and a roaring fire to cook on, groceries are your only expense. Catch a few fish along the way, and even your groceries can be kept to a minimum.

Practise Sailing In Torrevieja

If you are considering taking up sailing in Torrevieja, there are a number of sailing schools, clubs and associations. These are located in the city’s harbour area and throughout the Costa Blanca. They offer a range of sailing courses, both practical and theoretical. Some of these offer live aboard accommodation for their practical courses. This is in order for students to gain the best hands on training. If you are interested in taking up sailing and are offered a sailing course, make sure it’s a RYA Course (Royal Yacht Association). If not, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Some of the RYA Courses available include:

Start Yachting Practical

This is a 2 day live aboard course that can be taken by persons of all ages with no previous sailing knowledge required. It is an introduction to seamanship and sailing, covering crewing and safety under the supervision of an instructor.

Competent Crew Practical

This is a 5 day live aboard course that can be taken by persons of all ages with no previous sailing knowledge required. This is the next step up from Start Yachting. On successful completion of the course you will have the necessary qualifications to undergo the Day Skipper Course. Assisted by an instructor you will learn helmsmanship and how to steer under motor or sail. You will also learn how to hoist and lower sails, things to watch out for when on lookout duty, rowing a dingy and how to assist during emergency situations.

Day Skipper Practical

This is a 5 day live aboard course that can be taken by persons over 16 years old. This requires either the above qualification or a minimum of 5 days sea time with 4 night hours and 100 nautical miles of sailing. This is the course that most people wishing to sail as a leisurely pursuit will need to take. Having previously taken a Day Skipper theory course will help, but is not obligatory. This course really steps it up a notch. On completion you will be competent to skipper a yacht by day and be confident to deal with emergency situations. The qualification only permits you to sail in familiar waters. If you wish to sail further afield you will need to complete the Coastal Skipper Course.

There are also a selection of theory, combined, online and specialist courses available. These cover a range of sailing disciplines and crew positions. Sailing in Torrevieja, as long as you don’t venture too far from shore, is relatively easy and safe. Some people take small sail boats and dingy’s out without any qualifications or licences. They do so at their own risk and the risk of getting in ‘deep water’ with the coast guard. So, an appropriate recognised course is the sensible idea. Leave just your footprints and tail wake is the recognised thing when sailing in Torrevieja, as I’m sure it is worldwide.


Snorkelling in Torrevieja is a very popular holiday activity. Torrevieja offers visitors the chance to pursue a number of water sports activities.