Snorkelling in Torrevieja is a very popular holiday activity. Torrevieja offers visitors the chance to pursue a number of water sports activities. Some of these activities such as scuba diving, deep sea fishing, fly boarding and jet-skiing can come at a premium. This can put a serious dent in your holiday funds. Snorkelling in Torrevieja is both great fun and inexpensive. Once you have purchased your snorkelling gear, you won’t need to spend another euro.

Snorkelling In Torrevieja

As a keen snorkeler myself, I have read dozens of reviews and blogs on snorkelling gear. These seem to vary quite a bit. If you are visiting the city with children you can buy a basic snorkel and goggles set. These can be found for just a few euros in one of the many ”Chino” shops in the city. The snorkel will be a solid plastic tube with a mouthpiece, and the goggle lenses made out of clear plastic. The seal around the face will more than likely leak a bit. But for the price you pay, they can bring hours of fun for the young ones.

Snorkelling In Torrevieja Prices

If you wish to pay a bit more, online retail sites have basic kids snorkelling sets starting at around 20€ that include a pair of flippers. The snorkel may have a splash guard at the top and the face mask lenses are made tempered glass, making for much better visibility.

Adult sets start at about 5€ more and basically offer the same features. There is an excellent range of snorkelling sets available for both adults and children with prices to suit. As with any product, well known and popular brand names command higher prices. These can easily cost a couple of hundred euros for a top of the range set. If you are serious about the sport rather go to a professional dive shop. Here you can try out the gear before paying large amounts of money. This is particularly important with the face mask as you need to find a mask that fits.

Rule of thumb when looking for a good mask is to place it over your face without securing the strap. Breath in slightly and it should form an airtight seal. A handy hint when doing this is to have a snorkel in your mouth before placing the mask on your face, as the snorkel slightly distorts the shape of your face.

Equipment For Snorkelling In Torrevieja

Many experienced professionals recommend when buying a snorkel, to keep it as basic as possible. A mouthpiece, flexible U-bend and straight pipe with no splash guard is what they mean. By buying this type of snorkel you may take in the odd mouthful of water but there is less that can break or wear out. Ones with a splash guard are called ‘semi-dry’ and in most cases will prevent waves splashing down the tube. The ones known as ‘dry’ snorkels form an airtight seal when you dive down. This prevents any water getting in and allowing you to breath immediately upon surfacing. The problem with these is there are hinges and seals that can break or become sun damaged and eventually start leaking.

Flippers come in all shapes and sizes, and aside from a few details, are really a matter of personal choice. Some people feel more comfortable with a closed shoe. Although you need to get the size just right for a comfortable swim without chaffing or blistering. Open heel flippers either have a solid flexible heel strap or an adjustable heel strap. Again it’s really a matter of preference. These flippers make it possible for people with different size feet to wear them which is great when you have children of different ages.

Flipper lengths vary from short ones mainly used as a swimming aid to extremely long flexible ones. These are used for free diving and spear fishing when you are diving to great depths. For snorkelling, a less flexible medium length is the best option. This gives good manoeuvrability and a boost when diving down.

Snorkelling In Torrevieja Safety

When snorkelling in Torrevieja, some people choose to have a brightly coloured floating device with an attached warning flag. This is sensible when snorkelling any distance from the shore. It gives early warning to boats and jet-ski’s, as well as providing something to rest on during your swim. The sea along the Costa Blanca is relatively calm, with minimal strong currents. This makes it safe for snorkelers of all experience levels. Although you should always be aware of the weather conditions, wave swells and any rip current you may feel.

Reading Rips When Snorkelling In Torrevieja

Under currents or rip currents can be treacherous if strong enough and they are not always easy to feel. Stand back on the beach where you wish to swim. From here, with a keen eye you can usually spot a rip. They flow under the waves so create a smoother line between waves. When snorkelling, keep a constant eye on your distance from shore. If you are heading out to sea rapidly, you are more than likely in a rip.

I learned a couple of handy hint snorkelling in South Africa where the under currents can be fierce. If you find yourself being taken out by a rip current the most important thing to do is not panic. By doing this and frantically trying to head straight back to shore you will quickly use up your energy. Against all your mind is telling you, relax. Rip currents are usually only a few metres in width. So, swim either directly left or right parallel with the beach until you are back in calm waters. Remember, never try to swim against a rip current, they’re too strong.

Good Spots For Snorkelling In Torrevieja

Snorkelling in Torrevieja can be enjoyed right in front of the main beach promenade (Paseo Juan Aparicio) where there are 2 man made bays. The first snorkelling route is around the bay opposite St. Jeremi’s Irish pub where the depth is between 1 metre – 6 metres. The second has similar depths and is located in the bay in front of Ramon Servant ice cream parlour. Another great spot is the coves and rocks in the Punta Prima area which borders Torrevieja. There are rocky shelves all along the coastline in front of the Sunrise Beach Bars to explore. Another snorkelling route is in the small coves known as Cala Piteras. These are right in front of the popular Nautilus Restaurant. Again, the depth here reaches about 6 metres.

Just after Los Locos Beach, if you are heading towards the town of La Mata there are 3 popular snorkelling routes quite close together. The first one you come to is known as Cala de los Trabajos. This is about 200 metres behind Tropic 222 Restaurant. Here the route goes a bit further from shore to about 7 metres. A few coves along is Cala de la Higuera where the route hugs the shoreline in a gentle loop. The next cove is Cala de la Zorra where the route takes you out to about 6 metres. None of these routes venture too far from shore.

Visitors can also enjoy a number of Snorkelling Safaris. These are to some of the most beautiful spots on the Costa Blanca. You will be supplied all with the gear and are accompanied by a guide. Sometimes refreshments and a packed lunch included in the price. Popular destinations for these are the town of Santa Pola, Tabarca Island and port city of Cartagena.


Spearfishing in Torrevieja is not very popular and you won’t find much information at all on the sport being practised in this area. Let’s hope you at least find this article somewhat helpful. Torrevieja’s coastline is not exactly teeming with fish.