Windsurfing In Torrevieja

Windsurfing in Torrevieja can be enjoyed all year round. Spain is one of the best destinations for windsurfing in Europe. Although windsurfing in Torrevieja is not one of the top spots for the sport, nearby Mar Menor is. It is situated roughly an hour’s drive from Torrevieja. The natural phenomenon of 2 peninsulas practically touching have formed a kind of inland sea. Mar Menor is also well known for its curative mud baths in the north at Lo Pagan.

Windsurfing In La Manga

The wind conditions caused by the close proximity of the 2 peninsulas make for excellent windsurfing on most days. At other times however, it can be as flat as a lake. The holiday resort town of La Manga is a mecca for water sports of all kinds, especially wind based ones. La Manga is home to a good selection of windsurfing shops, clubs and schools where novices and the more experienced can hire equipment and take windsurfing lessons.

Windsurfing In Tarifa

For professionals who want to step it up a notch, there is no better windsurfing spot in Spain than the Town of Tarifa. Known as the windy capital of Europe, Tarifa enjoys a unique geographical position. This is where the southern tip of Spain juts out into the Straits of Gibraltar. The Straits form a natural wind funnel which produces steady winds all year round and attracts wind and kite surfers from all over the world.

Windsurfing In Torrevieja

Windsurfing in Torrevieja may not be up there with the best in the country. But let’s face it, wherever you have a body of water, and wind, you can windsurf. The biggest problem is the crowded beaches and sea during the summer months. You are better choosing one of the less crowded areas or parts of the coastline that are mainly craggy coves and rocks. Although some of the local surfers catch some waves right off the city’s main beach, Playa del Cura, I wouldn’t try it with the more cumbersome windsurfing apparatus.

If you are struggling with windsurfing in Torrevieja, try the small town of La Mata. It boasts a very long sandy beach that doesn’t get as crowded as Torrevieja’s beaches. If the winds are favourable, this is a good spot. Just be careful and keep a close eye out for swimmers and snorkelers. A bit further up the coast is Guardamar del Segura where conditions are better and some good windsurfing spots can be found. Parking can be a problem in the summer months.

It’s probably best to spend some time looking for a less crowded area where you can get closer to the beach. Further still, the La Marina area is worth a try. Probably the best spot on the Costa Blanca is Santa Pola, about a 35 minute drive from Torrevieja. Here you will find good windsurfing conditions. There are several surf shops and clubs where you can hire equipment or take lessons. Equipment hire, and lessons or courses can be found in Torrevieja’s Marina area. However, if you have a vehicle you are best to make the 35 minute journey to Santa Pola.


Sailing in Torrevieja is a popular leisure and competition water sport. It can be enjoyed by all the family. It is also one of the few sports that people of all ages and genders can compete against each other.